BIBETA 6 - More fun at work

Flying should be fun. If you make ten flights a day as a professional tandem pilot - where efficiency, economy and passenger safety share priority – flying is often hard work. In the BIBETA 6 we have managed to achieve the difficult objective of packing the best of current tandems into one product – with no compromise: fun all round - all day.




Technical Data / Materials


BIBETA 6 3841
Flat surfacem238.140.8
Recommended takeoff weightkg100-180120-225
Glider weightkg6.76.95
Aspect ratio5.455.45
Projected aspect ratio44
Number of cells5353
Number of risers3+13+1
CertificationEN / LTF BEN / LTF B
Max length of the riserscm3232

Upper surfacePorcher Sport Skytex 38 Universal
Lower surfaceDominico DOKDO
Profile linePorcher Sport Skytex 40 hard finish
Profile without linePorcher Sport Skytex 32 Hard
Leading edgePorcher Sport Skytex 38 Universal
DesignstripePorcher Sport Skytex 38 Universal
galery linesEdelrid A-8000U-190/130/090/070/050
brake linesEdelrid A-8000U-190/130/090
Steering lineEdelrid A-7850-240
main linesEdelrid A-8000U-360/230
RisersPolyester 22mm, 1100kg
CarabinerPeguet for strap 25mm, SST (#30013)

Features & Technology



Colors & Gallery


                       white                                                                             red

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