EPSILON 9. B급 초중급, 레저


EPSILON 9 - The Joy of Flying

It is nothing special to introduce a flying-mad earthling to paragliding. What is special is to deliver the positive experiences and high feel-good factors of the sport that keep him there for years – long after the licence. That’s exactly what our EPSILON series does...

EPSION 9 - 비행의 즐거움
즐겁고 긍정적인 비행을 제공할 중급자용 패러글라이더!

Feeling good from the pull up

Nothing upsets the EPSILON 9: with pitch and directional stability it forges on through turbulent air. Steering demands are answered precisely, without delay. These features combined are responsible for its defining fun and feel-good factor in the air, and as life-long partners of passive safety they share the credit for a long-lasting and uninterrupted enjoyment of flight.

EPSILON 9: EPSION 9 이 난기류에 매우 안정적이고 조종장치는 매우 정확하고 민첩하게 반응합니다.
이러한 특징은 오랫동안 당신의 패러글라이딩 파트너로써 재미있는 안전한 패러글라이딩을 책임질 것입니다.

Latest techniques for good performance

Whether we consider the internalised Miniribs, latest Hybrid lining layout or Low Drag Stabilos, the marked EPSILON 9 performance boost results from intensive development work and subsequent technology upgrades. Needless to say the Intermediate also has all the expected state-of-the-art features like Sliced Diagonals, Advanced Airscoop and Double 3D Shaping.

Straightforward in every respect

Starting with wing size choice, then to line sorting, clipping in, big ears to speedbar: the EPSILON 9 is intuitive and simple to manage. The new Automatic Dust Remove even sweeps the wing interior for you while you are flying!

EPSION 9는 관리하기가 매무 쉽고 단순합니다. 

심지어 당신이 비행하는 동안에 날개 내부의 먼지가 자동으로 제거됩니다.

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