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PI 2 - Light Versatility

Enjoy the freedom and versatility – in the air and on the ground. The new PI 2 is one of the lightest small-packed-volume serial wings on the market and, with the choice of four sizes - each with three weight ranges – is also one of the most versatile paragliders available today. Equally at home in thermals, for Hike & Fly or as a miniwing: with the new PI 2 it’s you who decides.





Features & Technology

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Technical Data / Materials

PI 2                                       
16       19       23      27     
Number of cells39393939
Number of risers3333
Flat surfacem216.
Projected surfacem214.016.720.123.6
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Projected spanm7.
Glider weight with standard riserskg2.202.502.903.25
Glider weight with light riserskg2.052.352.753.10
Recommended takeoff weightkg50-9050-7565-9575-105
Increased takeoff weightkg-75-9595-110105-120
Accelerator travel max.cm10.
Certification Recommended takeoff weightCBAA
Certification increased takeoff weight-CBB

Leading edgePorcher Sport Skytex 32 Universal
Upper surfacePorcher Sport Skytex 27 classic 2
DesignstripePorcher Sport Skytex 32 Universal
Lower surfacePorcher Sport Skytex 27 classic 2
Profile linePorcher Sport Skytex 27 hard finish
Profile without linePorcher Sport Skytex 27 hard finish
main linesEdelrid A-8000U-130/190/230
galery linesEdelrid A-8000U-090/50
brake linesEdelrid A-8000U-090/50
Risers lightTechni Sangles Dyneema 10 mm 2320 daN
Steering lineEdelrid A-8000U-190
Edelrid A-7850-240
RisersPolyester / Technora 13 mm
CarabinerPeguet for strap 12mm, SS (#30017)

Flight Style Range




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